In 2001 we were attracted to the spectacular Naramata Bench. Although the beginnings were humble, the promising craft of a young winemaker inspired us to pour our hearts into this wild venture.

Year after year, that same winemaker, the stunning landscape, and our loyal family of staff and customers continue to create an emotive experience centred around wine, food, and place.

At its essence, MacIntyre Heritage Reserve is about family — not just family of the present — but also of the past and future. It is an uncompromising expression of the best that the Naramata Bench can produce, and a celebration of all who have been on this journey with us. 




The motto of the MacIntyre clan is Per Ardua, Latin for “through adversity,” and is reflective of both the tenacity of our forefathers, and the challenges involved in making a truly exceptional red wine in the Okanagan Valley. 



William MacIntyre Sr. passed away one month after we began this journey in winemaking, and never got to see this beautiful property.

A career military man, he devoted himself to family and the Royal Canadian Airforce, whose motto is Per Ardua Ad Astra, meaning Through Adversity to the Stars.

It seemed fitting that the name of our premiere Chardonnay reflect our aspirations, and honour those in all of our families who inspire us to fly higher.