An Uncompromising Expression of the Naramata Bench


The philosophy behind the MacIntyre Heritage Reserve is to make wines that are an uncompromising expression of the Naramata Bench.

Those who have been here understand how special this place is while those who have grown here know its unique challenges. The Okanagan Valley is one of the world's least known, but most spectacular wine regions and we endeavour to show that through our wines. 

The grapes for the MacIntyre wines are grown here, in the block that runs down toward the lake below the main residence. A portion of the block has a westerly aspect and the other, an easterly one. The soil varies from very sandy to soils with a high clay content. The grapes on the sandy soil tend to ripen earlier while those grown on soil with a lot of clay tend to be more powerful and lend ageing potential to the wines. This combination helps to create great complexity in this wine.

In the cellar we strive to create the best wine with the least intervention, but with no expense spared. We hope you will enjoy these wines for years to come.